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FatSecret & FatSecret Professional
Anne Wolf, MS, RD
Virginia Center for Diabetes Prevention and Education
Organization type
Independent Practice
App(s), device(s), or platform(s) used

FatSecret and FatSecret Professional.

Program description
FatSecret is a MHealth app for self-monitoring food, physical activity and weight. A bar scanner helps track packaged foods. Nutritional intake (Calories, Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate) is included in nutritional analysis. Calories expended through exercise and body weight is also provided. FatSecret also displays the data by meal and snack eaten so that the provider can view meal patterns. For consumers and patients, it also has library of recipes, journals, groups and forums.

FatSecret Professional allows clinicians to view patient tracking information online and view data using various visual summaries. Providers will receive a daily email summarizing calories, fat, carbs, protein, exercise and weight for all patients/participants who tracked their data the day before. Providers can use the app to write encouraging or informational messages to their patients. Both can be used on smartphone (iPhone or Android), tablets and/or web.

How to use FatSecret Professional app: Go to and sign up for free account. Invite, through email, the participants/patients you want to self-monitor. Separately, ask them to sign up for their free FatSecret Account at: