Telehealth for Long-term Care Facilities

By mobilizing technology through the use of telemedicine as a tool to support care in place, the partnership of the long-term care facility and the local hospital can be leveraged, to more effectively and efficiently manage patients overall care, despite their being at increased risk for multiple comorbidities and more vulnerable to clinical decline leading to hospitalization. This module provides best practices and considerations in providing care to those in long-term care settings, with a closer look through a case study on maintaining daily care needs while managing the added barriers that come with a pandemic.

This course is designed to provide information on the use of telehealth technology to manage care for those that reside in long term care facilities, on both a day to day basis, and in the midst of a pandemic. Coordination of care is key to the success of this model of care and execution of a successful partnership between hospitals and medical centers and their neighboring long term care facilities.

Course Highlights:
  • Describe how healthcare institutions can develop an outreach telemedicine program to long-term care (LTC) facilities
  • Guide healthcare institutions/hospitals with a telemedicine program to expand their outreach to meet the needs of LTC facilities in their region/catchment area
  • Present a case study to describe application of telemedicine technology in LTC facilities
Learning Objectives:

After completing this activity, the learner should be able to better:

  • Provide the rationale for deploying telemedicine to the LTC setting from a host telemedicine program based at a hospital or health system
  • Identify ways to expand telemedicine infrastructure of a LTC facility to meet patient care needs
  • Develop a systematic approach to implementing a telemedicine consult/urgent response mechanism that supports the care delivered at the LTC facility
  • Discuss and address challenges and critical success factors in the execution of a telemedicine consult/response approach delivered in the LTC facility
  • Discuss the selection of optimal technology solutions that consider cost/benefit implications and align with the desired care outcomes and staffing capabilities at the host and LTC facilities
Authored by:
  • Content Expert: Laurie Archbald-Pannone, MD, MPH, AGSF, FACP
  • Jasveen Kaur, MHSA
Edited by:
  • Jann Balmer, BSN, PhD
  • Kathleen Bunch Meneses, MS

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This training module was made possible by grant number GA5RH37467 from the Office for the Advancement of Telehealth, Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS.
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