Interprofessional Collaboration

Interprofessional teamwork is essential to success in healthcare, much like teamwork in sports is essential to winning. Interprofessional collaboration across the healthcare team is critical not only for reaching positive patient outcomes but also for achieving professional satisfaction and productivity. Interprofessional collaboration (IPC) leverages the expertise of multiple professionals from various backgrounds (physicians, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, healthcare administrators, etc.) collectively working together and with patients, families, and caregivers to deliver the best quality of care. Telehealth plays an important role in IPC.  Telehealth can enhance and expand patient access to healthcare professionals and teams who are not readily accessible for in-person visits. Telehealth can also create pathways and innovative models for collaboration for providers of varying professions to support each other regardless of geographic distance.

In this course, we discuss professions that can serve as interprofessional collaborators, how IPC occurs using telehealth, benefits of using telehealth to facilitate IPC, barriers of using telehealth for IPC and how to overcome them, critical policy considerations and standards and guidelines regarding IPC and telehealth, and case studies.

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