Tele-stroke Care

Tele-stroke is an approach to strokes that provides board-certified neurologists the ability to perform immediate, real-time, and/or remote diagnosis and treatment to a stroke victim using telehealth technology. The use of telemedicine focuses specifically on expediting the review of images and the delivery of care to stroke patients. As demonstrated in the video The Story of Harry: The Case for Connected Care, showcased in the Foundations of Telehealth course, when it comes to strokes, every moment matters. The failure to use telehealth technology can cost the patient vital time to treatment. This course demonstrates how the advancement of broadband in hospital settings, asynchronous review of high-resolution imaging, and digital communications has made it possible for tele-stroke to vastly improve the speed of care, especially in rural or community hospitals. In this course, we will discuss the basics of tele-stroke programs as well as examine some of the game-changing tools and solutions that are helping to saves the lives and brains of today’s stroke victims.

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